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Hi-speed Tablet Press

1. Stainless steel main machine housing. The parts that contact with the powder are made of stainless steel.
2. No-handwheel operating system. PLC touch screen controller.
3. Special oil leakproof and dust proof devices install in die holes.
4. Powder force feeding device with double impellers.
5. Dust collect device contact with pluse-jet vacuum feeder by pipe.
6. Rejection in bulk or in single.
7. Tablet weight control function by punch tooling pressure sensor
8. Sensor system- alarming first and then stopping machine motor when any one is happened as following situation:
Without powder or pellet
Open the plastic door
Motor of dust collector is overload
Inverter is in trouble
Lack of lubrication
Upper punch tooling and lower punch tooling overload
9. Electrical control system.
A. Rapidity and output display
B. Alarm display.
C. Main motor situation display
D. Accessory machine situation display
E. Every punch tooling pressure display
10. Vacuum feeder transfer powder to machine hopper (option)
11. Tablet count function
12. Spare parts one set, tool kit & operation manual are free.
13. Wooden case package (export standard).
14. English and Chinese operation system.

 Item  GZPT26 GZPT32   GZPT40  GZPT45  
 Punch  & die  type(EU)  D BB  BBS   
 Number  of  dies  26 32  40  45   
 Maximum  diameter  of 
tablet  pressed  (mm)
 25 16  13  11   
 Maximum  diameter  of  oblong  tablet  (mm)  25 18  16  13   
 Maximum  pre-pressure  (KN)  20 20  20  20   
 Maximum  main  pressure  (KN)  100 80  80  80   
 Maximum  filling  depth  (mm)  20 18  18  18   
 Maximum  production  capacity    (t/h)    theoretical  yield  170000 210000  260000  280000   
 Power  of  main  motor  (KW)  12 12  12  12   


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