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Painball Encapsulation Line
High-precision, digital, on-line control of the micro-rubber lubrication, lubricants can be the best value memory storage, micro-fuel adjustment easier, more accurate, capsule-free cleaning, to shorten the drying time and improve productivity.
The use of gelatin level sensor control box, to improve the reliability of control.
Gelatin ribbon drum cooling methods used to control the overall cold water machine, clean, convenient operation and maintenance.
The body spray a new control method of heating, temperature control stability and accuracy.
The light conveyor, small size\ light weight\ easy disassemble and clean.
Operation adopts human interface design, simple intuitive, easy to understand
Professional control of the lubrication pump, pump mechanical drive system to achieve lubrication, greatly extended the time for trouble-free operation, easy maintenance and fast.
Intensive structural model to improve the drying structure, enhance drying-efficiency, saving the plant area.
More high-precision control of the mold, to produce higher quality paiball products.
Modular user-friendly structural design, easy for users to carry out the washing to maintain

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